Strategic Sourcing Partner

Calibre is a leading provider of all your single-use and disposable packaging needs. We are an industry expert that provides smart solutions to save you time and money.

Product Choice

Calibre carries over 5000 products from over 300 manufacturers located across the globe. We provide choice, and ensure you find the exact product to suit your needs.

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Operational Savings

Working with Calibre will give you cost savings through operational efficiencies and logistical advantages. We help make things simple and convenient, so you can reduce warehouse and inventory costs, and free up cash flow.

Our benefits include:

• Just-in-time Distribution• Low Order Minimums• Product Consolidation• Bulk Inventory Management• Fast Order Fulfillment• Competitive Freight Rates

Custom Branding Experts

At Calibre, our expertise is custom branding your packaging. From concept to finished product, we will guide you through the process and help you build your brand.

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