Green Products

Green Products

Calibre has made it a priority to offer a wide variety of products that are environmentally friendly. Many of our products were always recyclable, but in addition, we have added a myriad of biodegradable and compostable options, as well as products that are sourced from sustainable means.

Being environmentally aware is no longer a trend, it is a necessity. To help our future generations and support our planet, we all need to do our part.



Product Categories


Hot Cups, Cold Cups, Straws, Cup Sleeves, Cup-Carriers


Paper Bags, Plastic Bags, Handle Bags, Garbage Bags

Catering Products

Trays, Lids, Utensils

Food Containers

Plastic Containers, Food Boxes, Wood Containers, Modeled Fiber/Begauss Containers, Clamshell Containers


Paper, Molded Fiber, Plastic Plates

Bakery Products

liners, bakery bags, pie pans, baking cups

Bowls & Trays

ice cream bowls, soup bowls, food trays


bulk packed, individually wrapped, meal kits
What Green Products are made of:
Molded Fiber
Sugar Cane & Begasse
Biodegradable Paper
Recyclable Plastic
Pressed Paperboard